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As a clinical trial investigator, you will play an integral role in the development of medicines and medical devices used to help combat disease, treat chronic and degenerative diseases, and improve the health of people worldwide. You may be able to offer your patients alternatives that could only be available through their participation in clinical trials.

Other advantages of being a clinical trial investigator include:

  • Professional development: Be on the cutting edge of your therapeutic area of expertise, meet other investigators, exchange ideas, plan future collaborations, and work with investigational medications and processes that are not yet approved by the FDA.

  • Professional recognition: Use your role as an investigator to co-author articles for publication and be recognized as a thought leader within the medical community.

  • Personal satisfaction: Offer your patients new medical alternatives that may only be available through participation in clinical trials.

  • Compensation: Clinical trials may provide compensation for your time and resources.

  • Role in the advancement of medicine: Be a leader in your field by potentially bringing breakthrough drugs and medical devices – products that could impact the health of people around the world – to market.

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